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organza wedding dress

British Design at its very best

In store we stock dresses and outfits from £1,000 to £3,500, with the majority sitting between £1,750 and £2,500. Some will feature more than one 'look' such as a removable or changeable aspect for the evening celebrations, surrounding days and even wearability in future! 


Our stocked samples range between size 8 and 16, but will be suitable for trying on for sizes 6 through to 18. All dresses are responsibly made in the UK. The collection is handpicked or commissioned by The Pantry Underwear and Bridalwear founder, Eloise. 

Below are links to the British independent designers in our line up, we’ve included imagery of almost every style / piece that we stock from the brands, however we will be updating the galleries continuously as we are forever adding to our collection … latest additions will preview on our Instagram, so give us a follow @thepantrybridalwear

The Studio

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