Scrunchie 01 -

100% ivory silk organza is carefully pieced together to form this strikingly structured, yet lightweight square scrunchie. Dress this demi sheer scrunchie up or pair it with a crisp cotton shirt for a daytime outfit round off! - also pictured above.

tulle overdress back.jpg

Scrunchie 02 -
Crepe square scrunchie 

Crisp corners combine with soft flowing folds, to leave a dramatic opaque finish to this headpiece. Perfectly paired with style pieces made from the same classically elegant bridal fabric or equally impactful contrasting with different fabrics such as satin. 

Scrunchie 03 –
Waffle Scrunchie

Offering a completely unique 3D finish to a chic low bun, this accessory will not be forgotten and will absolutely be admired for its unusual texture culminating in a truly original up-do. Wear it on the wrist in future for just as much admiration.   


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